Racing The Planet: Vietnam Off To Cold, Wet Start!

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As I noted last week, the Racing The Planet series kicked off a new race yesterday in Vietnam. The first of their events to not be a part of the 4 Deserts Series of ultramarathons.

The new race maintains the same format, which is to say a stage race through remote, and rugged countryside. There are 51 competitors, from 22 countries, in the race and as of now they are through 2 stages, with Spaniard Salvador Calvo currently holding the top spot. is receivingrace reports from girls over at Project Athena and the word is that the first stage was long and grueling, and made all the worse by a constant rainy-drizzle that created a very long and muddy mess for the first climb of the day. Running in those conditions is hard enough, having to do it for an extended period, on rugged trails makes it that much worse.

Hopefully conditions improve as the week goes along, and we’ll get more details on the race. Seems like a great event so far, but then again, I’d expect nothing less from the Racing The Planet group.

Kraig Becker