‘Breathtaking’ Marathons

Forbes Traveler, which always has interesting articles for anyone who loves to travel, has another cool list of the most breathtaking marathons. In this case, when they define “breath taking” they’re talking about the view along the course, and not the cardio workout you get from running 26.2 miles.

Some of their favorite settings include Antarctica, which hosts The Last Marathon, which part of the 4 Deserts Series put on by Racing The Planet. There is something about running amongst the penguins that gets everyone excited.

If dealing with the birds and cold down south isn’t your thing, perhaps the Great Wall Marathon would be more to your liking. Runners go up, and down, 3700 stairs as the run a portion of the Great Wall in China. From there they’ll cover the rest of the course running through local towns and villages.

The Kilimanjaro Marathon is held in Tanzania of course, and while you won’t run to the summit of Africa’s most iconic mountain, you will have an amazing view of it the entire time as you complete a 6.5 mile loop through Moshi, a town that sits at the foot of Kili.

Other locations for amazing marathons on the list include Easter Island, Nepal, South Africa, and more. So if you’re getting a little bored with running through the canyons of New York and Boston, perhaps one of these will inspire your next run. Definitely a cool list.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “‘Breathtaking’ Marathons”

  1. There are many different ways to see an adventure… These are great examples of marathons for beauty and the mind.

  2. Well said, as always DSD. There is a reason I prefer to trail run over just pounding the pavement in my neighborhood. Part of it is the view along the way. These views would be amazing.

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