Forbes Traveler’s Best Day Hikes

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Yesterday I posted about the most breathtaking marathons around the World posted by Forbes Traveler and today I’ve got their list of the Best Day Hikes in the United States.

The list is, as usual, very good. The locations are diverse, and spread out across the country, offering something fairly close to all geographical areas. Some of them are well known, while others are still a bit of a hidden gem, but all of the suggestions will afford you an amazing day on the trail.

For instance, Coyote Gulch, located in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, located in Colorado, makes the list thanks to it’s otherworldly rock formations tinted a deep red and giving hikers the impression they’re exploring a martian landscape. Likewise, the Lost Coast Trail, in King Range National Conservation Area, is one of California’s hidden gems, offering up a mix of coastal and hill country. The 25 mile trail is well known for it’s stark beauty and solitude.

Other day hikes making the list include a hike to Mt. St. Helens (Described as the “Best day hike in North America”), the Na Pali Coast Trail in Hawaii, and the iconic Half-Dome in Yosemite, amongst several other great, but lesser known hikes. Each one of the trails on the list will provide it’s own unique experience, and this makes for a great guide to some of the best day hikes around.

Kraig Becker

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