Iditarod 2008: Mackey and King Duel At The Front

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It’s been an interesting weekend at this years edition of the Iditarod. It seems that the race has turned into a duel between 2007 winner Lance Mackey and 2006 champion Jeff King. is reporting that the lead has changed hands today en route to Unalakleet, with King overtaking Mackey out on the course.

According to the story, Mackey was resting at the cabin at Tripod Flats, when King and his team wend gliding by. The report also says that over time, King has opened up a 10 mile lead, which is about an hour and a half of time, but until they reach the next checkpoint, it’s difficult to know for sure where they stand against one another.

This could also be a strategy that Mackey is employing as well. His dogs will be a bit more rested and it’s easier to chase the lead team than it is to run at the front of the race. With plenty of distance yet to go, the 2008 race is shaping up to be one of the best ever.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Iditarod 2008: Mackey and King Duel At The Front”

  1. I love a good race, but would surely like to see Lance Mackey make TRUE HISTORY!!! I know he already has, but another unbelievable notch in his belt with 2/2 back to back will make thousands of Alaskans happy!

    Mush on Lance…..Godspeed.

  2. Lance had really had an amazing four or five years of racing, even if he only has one Iditarod. His dominance in the Yukon Quest is unprecedented and he’s secured his place amongst the top mushers.

    But completing the double double would be pretty amazing.

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