Joe Simpson Interview

Check out this interview with famed mountaineer and author Joe Simpson of Touching The Void fame. It was filmed recently at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival which has built itself quite the impressive reputation in recent years.

While he doesn’t talk directly about his mountaineering exploits, he does talk about selling the writes to his book to Hollywood and the process he went through to finally bring Touching The Void to the big screen. Very interesting stuff. Also, the page notes that this is “Part 1” of the Simpson interview, so hopefully there will be more to come.


Thanks to Outdoors Magic for the link to this one.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Joe Simpson Interview”

  1. Hi Kraig,
    Just back from an adventure!
    Catching up on your posts is one of my first things to do; lots here!
    I did want to say that I just saw the Imax production on Kilimanjaro, and was very impressed. That is an amazing mountain that you were on…

  2. Welcome back DSD! I hope the adventure was a good one.

    Glad you enjoyed the IMAX film too. It’s a great movie and really inspired me to go to Kili. Are you ready to yet? 😉

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