Outdoorzy Interviews Don Mann

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The Outdoorzy Blog has posted a nice interview with Primal Quest CEO Don Mann in which they talk about the upcoming expedition race as well as the newly created Primal Quest Sprint Series.

In the interview, Don talks about how he got his start in the organizing and managing adventure races, starting off with the Beast of the East series, and progressing on from there to PQ. He also talks about what teams can expect in the PQ Sprint Series, which kicks off on May 10th at Pocahontas State Park, near Richmond Virginia, and goes on to talk about PQ Montana, which takes place at the end of June. The interview finishes up with Don giving some advice for those wanting to get started in adventure racing, and hoping to compete in any of the Primal Quest races.

The Outdoorzy Blog is the official blog of Outdoorzy.com, a growing social network for anyone “outdoorzy”. The site has some great resources with gear reviews and trip reports, as well as an active community. Members even get some pretty great benefits just for signing up for free.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Outdoorzy Interviews Don Mann”

  1. Thanks for mentioning our post. Don seems like a great guy with a load of life experience to back him up.

    And yes, spam IS bad. It is the spawn of Satan…

  2. Yep! Don is a very interesting guy. The couple of times I’ve chatted with him we could have went on for hours. So much experience in so many areas. Plus, being an ex-SEAL means he can kick my ass. 😉

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