National Geographic Adventure Website Gets A Redesign

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The website for National Geographic Adventure has undergone a drastic redesign and has relaunched today with a fresh new look. Working from the premise that “less is more”, the new design is clean, easy to read, and does an excellent job of highlighting some of the sites more prominent features, such as the recently launched Adventure Blog.

Feature articles still receive their rightful place of honor right in the middle of the page, with a couple of excellent articles being added today such as this one on Best National Parks of 2008, or this one that takes a look at the recent Chinese crackdown on Everest.

The new layout is simple to navigate, doesn’t overwhelm you with advertisements, and places links to past articles and resources within easy reach. The flash previews for the highlighted articles seems to load faster, and the colorful images and logos pop out of the basic white background in an eye catching fashion.

The redesign gets a big thumbs up for me. Looks great!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “National Geographic <i>Adventure</i> Website Gets A Redesign”

  1. Hey Kraig,

    You should really contact them about their name of the blog. I would have went with National Geographic: Adventure Blog. It is ok though, you did remind me that I need to contact them about switching my link over to the new site–

    Also, I do like the look a lot better, it is easier to navigate. So they get credit for that…lol ..but not the name. I better watch out, they might come out with National Geographic: The Adventurist

  2. You think I have a shot at a copyright infringement? 😉 The funny thing is, there is The Adventure Blog (my humble little site), the National Geographic Adventure Blog, which I like a lot, and which is…um… not so great, and mostly quiet these days.

    What Geo should have done was hire me to run that blog! 😉

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