The Ten Deepest Caves In The World

Here’s an amazing article from a site called It lists the Ten Deepest Caves in the World, most of which I’ve never head of, and each which conjures up images of The Descent.

Spelunking is one of those activities that is both strangely compelling and yet equally unnerving at the same time. Clearly not for the claustrophobic amongst us. Or anyone who is afraid of the dark for that matter. But exploring these vast underground worlds holds a certain allure as well, as you never know what geological wonders the next chamber might hold.

All of the caves on this list include photos and a brief description of what these subterranean realms have in store for the would be explorer. To put things in perspective, the number 10 cave on the list, a place called Cehi 2, is located in Slovenia and is more than 4928 feet (1502m) deep. Of course, the depth only increases from there.

The top spot on the list? That’s a cave system known as Krubera-Voronja Cave which is found in the Western Caucuses mountains, and stretches an astonishing 7188 feet (2191m) in depth so far. I say so far because an international team of explorers that plumbed the depths of the place back in August of 2007 say that it’s very likely that it reaches even further down. I’m guessing that once you get to the bottom, you’ll find a vast underground world where dinosaurs yet live. I can hope right?

Thanks to the Geared Up Blog for this one.

Kraig Becker

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