Eco-X: Running The CDT!

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The Hardwear Sessions Blog keeps providing good material today, this time in the form of a report on Mountain Hardwear sponsored athlete David Horton who is his attempting to run the entire length of the Continental Divide Trail. Updates on his run will be posted to Clark Zealand’s Eco-X website on a regular basis, including audio dispatches from the trail.

David will get underway tomorrow, hoping to cover 56 miles on his first day out on the trail. He is starting at he U.S.-Mexican border and will run the entire length of the trail north to the Canadian border. That’s 2959 miles in total. Oh yeah, and he hopes to do it in 69 days, averaging nearly 43 miles per day.

The first audio dispatch is already posted on the site, with more to come in the future, and regular updates posted by Clark. Should be another fun adventure to watch over the course of the next few months. And as a point of reference, those 43 miles per day that he hopes to average, is further than most people drive in a single day.

Good luck Dave!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Eco-X: Running The CDT!”

  1. What bad luck…
    Looks like this may have not have gotten off to the best start…
    Great adventure though… Hope he gives it another go…

  2. Wow! You’re right. Time to post an update already. Shows you how tough these things can be. An amazing athlete who trained for the event, and it’s over already. 🙁

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