Introducing Adventure Trip Magazine

There is a cool new adventure travel website that has just launched called Adventure Trip Magazine that I’m excited to be a part of. Wade Heflin of Outdoorzy fame put the site together and invited myself a few other bloggers to be contributing writers in what we hope will become a hub of information on travel and gear for adventurous travelers every where.

Besides Jason and myself, we’re joined by Ben Burner from Burner Photography. Ben also writes a nice blog which obviously incorporates some of his amazing photos. Also part of the team is Peter Spiller who writes the Outside San Diego blog which covers some of our favorite topics like gear, adventure travel, and just about anything else taking place in the great outdoors.

We’ve all posted a few articles alread, such as Wade’s story on Exploring machu picchu or Ben’s story on Antelope Canyon. As for my first contribution, you can see my Top 10 Adventure Cities if you’re thinking of planning an adventurous getaway some time soon.

In the weeks ahead we hope to expand the amount of content with new articles on a regular basis, including gear news and reviews, destination reports, and great travel deals. Stay tuned, we have some good things in store for everyone.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Introducing Adventure Trip Magazine”

  1. Thanks DSD! Hopefully we’ll be providing a steady stream of good adventure travel tips and ideas. We’re off to a good start I think, with more to come soon. 🙂

  2. Yeah we’re very excited about it! Our other blogs focus on a wider variety of “outdoor” and “adventure” content. This will focus on Adventure Travel, and not just dream trips… things that we hope are attainable by the average joe.

    Should be fun!

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