Karakorum 2008: K2 Summit Push Thwarted By High Winds

Karakorum K2 Big 1
ExWeb has a fresh update from the Karakorum today with the news that summit pushes have finally begun on K2, despite the fact that high winds continue to buffet the area.

Yesterday, the Norit K2 Expedition set out for Camp 3 along the Cesen Route, but their latest update indicates that they are back in C2 due to the high winds. Likewise, on the Abruzzi Route, teams were forced to stay in C2 and wait out the weather.

The weather window that was projected last week, opened on schedule, and teams began to make their move after waiting for weeks to see if they would even have an opportunity to take a crack at the summit. The winds have not subsided as predicted however, and now they’ll sit ant wait once more, this time half-way up the mountain.

The Shared Summits Nanga Parbat expedition has come to a close and the team has issued their final dispatch from the mountain, re-capping the events there. It’s a VERY powerful read and one that I highly recommend, as it discusses life, death, and the inherent risks that go along with high alpine climbing.

When you’re done there, check out the latest entries into their photo gallery and watch their last video from Pakistan as well. The video is, as usual, very interesting to watch

Kraig Becker

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