Ten Astonishing Landscapes From Forbes Traveler

Forbes Traveler has another nice piece today on Ten Astonishing Landscapes, which celebrates some of the most amazing scenery you can find anywhere on the planet. When putting their list together, then not only went for the breathtaking, they also were looking for the unique and truly different, eschewing the typical choices for mountains and beaches in favor of ones that are more notable.

For example, the Li River Valley in China makes an appearance with it’s breathtaking mountain landscapes, which are neither particularly tall nor traditionally what one thinks of when they think of a mountain. They do, however, make a lasting impression, and set a magical mood for the region.

Other places making the list include the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, which draws it’s name from the hundreds of ship wrecks that litter it’s shores. Cappadocia, Turkey makes an appearance as well, thanks to it’s famous rocky spires, as does Redwood National Park in the United States, with it’s ionic and ancient, towering trees.

There are plenty more exotic locations as well, some you’ve not doubt hear of, and others that may just inspire you to make the journey to see for yourself. Excellent photographs give you an idea of why the location made the list, but you’ll still want to see them with your own eyes I’m sure.

Kraig Becker

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