Karakorum 2008: New York Times K2 Article

The New York Times has published one of the best and most comprehensive stories on the K2 tragedy we’ve all been following for the past few days. The article does an excellent job of explaining the logistics of climbing the mountain for the mainstream reader, and follows the time line on what happened on summit day and beyond, to the best of our knowledge so far.

The article alludes to things that may have contributed to what went wrong, but strays away from making any overly controversial statements to focus on the facts as they are known at this time and statements made by the survivors. There is even a well done map detailing the different sections of the mountain, with emphasis on the Bottleneck, where much of this tragedy occurred.

Various reports, including this one, have noted that Marco Confortola was airlifted off the mountain and into Skardu this morning to begin receiving treatment for frostbite. While he has begun to recover while in BC, the Italian climber is believed to be still suffering from shock and/or post-traumatic stress. Either would be understandable considering what he is going through. Lets hope he, WIlco and Cas have speedy and complete recoveries.

(Thanks GoBlog for the heads up on this article)

Meanwhile, Everest News is reporting that some teams and individual climbers are still considering summit attempts on K2 in the days ahead.

Kraig Becker

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