Outside‘s Best Towns 2008

crested butte co
Has it been a year already? Outside Online has published their Best Towns 2008 list giving us the locations that we all should be living in rather than the dumps we currently inhabit.

The list is, of course, quite subjective, but does have some great places with active communities, great outdoor activities, and plenty of culture and charm. For instance, Washington DC makes the list for it’s diversity and easy access to a lot of great outdoor environments, despite it’s large metropolitan presence. New Orleans surprisingly makes an appearance as well, with it’s mix of cajun culture and grassroots politics, while Crested Butte, Colorado earns it’s spot due to it’s beautiful location, great winter skiing, and summer mountain biking.

Most of the towns on the list share one thing in common. They’ve all had a resent rebound in their living conditions. For instane, DC was once a haven for high crime and political scandals but has cleaned up it’s image of late. Of course, everyone knows about New Orleans’ resurgence, or at least the fact that it’s in the process of one.

As for perennial “Top Town” Boulder, Colorado. Well, it’s no where to be seen on this list. Perhaps it’s been enshrined in some Hall of Fame somewhere, and will no longer appear on any “Best Places to Live” lists. Yeah, right! Everyone in Boulder is probably happy to keep their slice of heaven a bit more secretive, and the rest of us are happy that we’re not reminded that we aren’t living there.

Kraig Becker

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