Top Climbing and Paddling Towns

Two more “Top Town” lists today from two different magazines. I guess we’ve reached that point of the year where everyone is compiling their annual lists.

First up, Rock & Ice Magazine has posted their Top 10 Climbing Towns. I couldn’t find the list on their website though, but fortunately the gang over at the Get Outdoor’s GoBlog put the list together for us. There are definitely some interesting places on the list, and as the GoBlog noted, none from Colorado. Hmm…. Here’s the list:

1. Chattanooga, Tennessee
2. Boise, Idaho
3. Ogden, Utah
4. South Lake Tahoe, California
5. Leavenworth, Washington
6. New Paltz, New York
7. Favetteville, West Virginia
8. Vancouver, British Columbia
9. Flagstaff, Arizona
10. Boone, North Carolina

Not to be outdone, Paddler Magazine posted a list of their own, with the Top 13 Paddling Cities. Their list is also diverse with places from all over the country, easily accessible to a lot of people. The Top 13 look like this:

1. Port Townsend, WA
2. Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA
3. Fayetteville, WV
4. Bangor, ME
5. Bryson City, NC
6. McCall, ID
7. Hood River, OR
8. San Marcos, TX
9. Wausau, WI
10. Kernville, GA
11. Bozeman, MT
12. Sitka, Alaska
13. Glenwood Springs, CO

From my own personal experience, I can tell that San Marcos, TX, which sits just south of Austin, is actually a pretty great place for paddling or tubing. I’m happy it made the list. And my excursion to Bozeman, MT earlier this summer exposed me to the amazing paddling in that area as well. Just avoid House Rock when the Class V is running.

Thanks GoBlog for both of these lists! Great job!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Top Climbing and Paddling Towns”

  1. Chad Kellogg challenged to announce his climb in advance, like Lhakpa Gelu sherpa did.

    No reply.

    Lhakpa didn’t get the record because of the witness present at his start. Unable to do it in secret.
    Lhakpa didn’t think there would be anyone:
    Under the sub-title “Honor System””
    “Gelu said he does not plan to hire timers for today’s attempt.”
    “I don’t think anybody will be awake at that hour,” he joked.”

  2. Fayetteville, WV is an awesome little town with rafting/kayaking on the New & Gauley Rivers; plus, the climbing out there is highly underrated. My then-girlfriend and I were there about 6 weeks ago (I proposed to her on this trip, have since gotten married) and we had the time of our lives out there!

    North American River Runners runs a rafting outfit in nearby Hico. If you're ever out there, I highly recommend them. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the tips on Fayetteville. Sounds great! But more importantly, congratulations on getting married. Way to go! 🙂

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