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A few weeks back I showed off my new bike, marking my return to road cycling, and I mentioned that I was starting to train for my first triathlon. So far the training is going well, as I’ve mostly been alternating between nightly runs and rides on the bike, but as the summer heat finally begins to dissipate here in Texas, I’m planning on focusing on a more structured training plan.

Thankfully, Wade over at Outdoorzy put together a nice set of tips and introductory items in the latest entry into the Outdoorzy Blog. The post includes links to some great pages to help find events as well as a couple of training programs for your first Tri.

The story mainly focuses on Sprint Triathlons, which are a bit shorter and faster than the standard Tri, but a lot of the information still applies. In fact, I’ve considered doing a sprint tri as a warm-up to the full deal, although I still have the same issue I did a few weeks back, namely I need to get into the pool and start swimming.

So, if you’ve ever had a desire to train and complete a triathlon, be sure to read Wade’s post. There is lots of good info there and links to get you headed in the right direction to find more. Then stop back here and post your thoughts. Perhaps we can start our own “triathlon support group”.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Triathlon Training”

  1. Thanks for the plug Kraig. I used my own experiences and combined that with some research I did. The links I put up on the post should be very helpful to beginners trying to get a general idea of how to train.

    If you get a chance, try an off-road tri. You get to paddle, mountain bike, and trail run your way through the cool outdoor settings. Nothin better!

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