Alpinist Is No More

Sad news from the publishing world today, as it seems that Alpinist is gone. At statement published on their homepage reads in part:

Alpinist LLC, which publishes the climbing magazine Alpinist, runs the website and produces The Alpinist Film Festival, announced today that the October 2008 financial crisis has forced them to suspend operations.

The magazine had been around since 2002, and was really the standard to which all mountaineering magazines were compared in my mind. The stories were always well written, and the photography was top notch in ever sense of the word. I often read their website as well, and linked to their great posts on top climbs taking place all over the world.

Alpinist was a top notch, high quality production in every sense of the word, and it’s sad to see it go. I suspect they won’t be the only casualty of this “economic crisis”, but they certainly will be missed. I wish the entire staff all the best, and I hope that they all land on their feet soon.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “<i>Alpinist</i> Is No More”

  1. This isn’t surprising to me.

    The magazine was outstanding. Beautiful from cover to cover.

    It also costed an arm and a leg for a subscription and as much as 3 or 4 regular magazines for a single issue.

    I always loved flipping through the magazine, it was gorgeous. But my money at that price point is better spent buying a book which offers more staying power.

  2. Very true. It definitely was a price mag. I don’t think that helped their sales much, and obviously they were living on the edge if the down turn in the economy hit them this hard this quickly.

    I agree that it was a beautiful magazine. Going to be missed.

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