New Options For Antarctica

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For many adventure travelers the goal is to reach all seven continents. Obviously six of them are quite easy, given time and money to get there and, increasingly, you can add Antarctica to that same list, as there are new options that are making the frozen continent more accessible than ever.

Men’s Journal has posted a new article that gives the details for top new trips and options for heading south. Granted, these adventures are still a bit on the expensive side for the average traveler, but they do offer options that weren’t even this “affordable” until recently.

The options they spotlight include a last degree expedition from Abercrombie & Kent, which will set you back $42,000, but drops you on the Antarctic ice and allows you to complete the last degree of the journey to 90º S. Alternatively, there is a trip from Adventure Associates that is 18-days in length and follows in the footsteps of great explorers such as Scott and Shackleton.

Of course there are other ways of seeing Antarctica these days as well, including cruises in the Southern Ocean, climbing expeditions to Vinson, and kayaking journey’s through the ice filled waters surrounding the continent. Now more than ever, it’s easier for us to find our own adventures on the bottom of the world.

Kraig Becker

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