Explorers Discover 1000m Deep Cave in China

An experienced international team of spelunkers have discovered an amazing cave near the village of Tian Xing in China that stretches more than 3100 feet (1026m) down into the depths of the Earth. The team as been exploring the vast cave system for several months now, and some of the first images are now leaking out. Check out the one below for an idea of how huge this cave is.

The article notes that this isn’t the deepest cave by far. They mention the 6,822ft deep cave in Krubera, Georgia and 5,354ft system in Lamprechtsofen, Austria as number one and two in the world. Still, this is one impressive looking cavern, with the team often spending 3-4 days beneath the surface at time exploring it’s depths. Very cool stuff!

Thanks GoBlog!

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Kraig Becker

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