Stunning Rock Formations From Around The Globe

Forbes Traveller has a nice article online today with 20 Stunning Rock Formations from exotic locations all over the globe. As usual, each entry on the Forbes list includes a great photograph to illustrate why the location made the list.

Some of the places that you’ll find include Arches National Park in Utah, where more than 2000 rock formations dot the landscape. The salt flats of the Atacama Desert (which looks stunning in Quantum of Solace by the way) garner a mention, as does the Wave Rock in Australia, which resembles a stone tsunami about to crash down on those who pass by.

Most of the formations on the list are from the Western United State, with Utah, Arizona, and California making several contributions. The formations are sometimes eerie, often odd, and always beautiful. Definitely worth checking out for the slideshow alone.

Kraig Becker

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