Men’s Journal‘s Gear of the Year

Another Gear of the Year list, this time from Men’s Journal, who has conveniently broken down the good stuff into several categories that include Go, Explore, Play, Connect, and Wear.

Each of the categories has some interesting choices, with most of them focusing on outdoor equipment, although the “Connect” category is more about tech toys, like the Sony Bravia KLV-40ZX1M, a $4000 flat panel OLED television set that is just .38 inches thick.

Most everything else is a bit more affordable, and certainly more useful in our active outdoor endeavors. REI‘s eVent line of jackets makes this list, as it has others, and Inov-8‘s x-talon 212 trail running shoes are both top picks in the “Wear” category. The Jetboil Helio’s 2 cooking system appears, along with the Garmin Oregon 400T under the “Explore” heading, along with a number of other cool items.

It interesting to see some of these picks show up on multiple lists, from the hardcore outdoor sites to the more mainstream media. That’s usually a sign of a great product, when it not only appears on multiple “Best of” lists, but also across a wide variety of websites, magazines, and other media outlets. I think it’s pretty safe to say that REI and Helios have winners on their hands with their respective products.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “<i>Men’s Journal</i>‘s Gear of the Year”

  1. Actually I’d say it’s more a sign of a good marketing campaign than a good product. These gear lists are more advertorials than true recommendations for thoroughly tested products. They sell the hype but not the best gear in a category.

  2. Wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you on a lot of products, but the eVent and Helios products have been universally lauded by people who actually use the products, not just a writer who wore the jacket around town and cooked some noodles in his apartment. But your point is well taken.

  3. Hmmm, the Helios is heavy, lacks versatility and offers nothing new. Overall pretty mediocre. Event is marketed by a company that dwarfs Gore. Lots of internet hype but mostly from the gullible. Basically just a cheap alternative to high-end Proshell and superior to old Goretex and other WP/Bs. Definitely lacking in the longterm but that rarely gets reviewed these days.

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