News From Aconcagua: South African Team Eyes Summit

There is some interesting news from Aconcagua today, with the highest mountain in the Americas still garnering plenty of attention late in the season.

First up, the South African Team that is climbing via the Polish Direct Route, has been out of contact for the past few days, but the home team keeps us updated with the latest news on where Andrew and Dobek are on the mountain. If everything stays on schedule, the boys should be looking at making a summit bid sometime in the middle of the week, although high winds and cold temperatures may have an impact on that. Right now, things look good for a go at the summit along this technically challenging route though.

In other Aconcagua news, the Ecuador Adventures website has a good article up on Carla Perez and Esteban Mena, who reached the summit of the mountain on the 1st of February via the Southern Face. Carla became the first Latin American female to summit from that route, and Esteban became the youngest person to do so at the age of 19.

The Southern Face is also a technically challenging route with mixed ice and rock, and is considered one of the toughest routes on any of the Seven Summits. Congrats to Carla and Esteban, as well as Joshua JarrΓ­n, the third member of their team.

Thanks to Antonio for sending this my way!

Kraig Becker

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