The Rest of Everest Episode 99: Up… To The Bottom

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With the latest episode of The Rest of Everest, the trek to base camp on Annapurna IV comes to an end with the team arriving at the bottom of the mountain after wandering the Annapurna Circuit over the course of the last few episodes.

In Episode 99: Up… To The Bottom, climbers Ben Clark and Josh Butson continue to tell the story of their adventure to Jon Miller, creator of the Rest of Everest podcast. This episode kicks off with the team already in the shadow of Annapurna IV and finishing off the last portions of the trek. Early video shots give you a great perspective of just how large everything is in the Himalaya and it’s hard to not be awed by the scale of the mountains there.

Upon arrival to base camp, the porters go to work helping to set up what will become home for the next several weeks for the climbers. BC is located at 15,500 feet, and the 24,000 summit looms over the place. While base camp is set up, the guys relax, take in the scenery, and checkout the challenge ahead. This episode ends with the team still getting settled and preparing to go from approach mode to climbing.

Check out the full video here or grab it directly in iTunes by clicking here.

On a side note, I want to send my congratulations on to Jon Miller for his 100th episode. While this one is labeled number 99, the show actually began at Episode 0, making this truly the 100th episode of the podcast. That’s an impressive milestone to pass, especially with a show of this high quality and great production values. So, congrats Jon! Here’s to a hundred more!

Kraig Becker

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