Everest 2009: Alan Arnette Interviews Russell Brice

I’ve mentioned Alan Arnette and his Everest 2009 page a number of times already this year, but it really is one of the best resources for news and information on climbing Everest leading up to, during, and following the season.

Alan, who has been no Everest three times in the past, has his fingers on the pulse of the mountaineering community, and is very knowledgeable about this mountain and what it takes to get up and down it.

Today’s update to the page is an interview with Russell Brice, the sometimes controversial owner of the Himalayan Experience (or Himex), who has become well known from his appearances on Everest: Beyond the Limit on the Discovery Channel.

Brice, and his Himex team, will be returning to Everest this year after getting shutout last year thanks to the Chinese closing down the North Side. Hedging his bets this season, Brice has moved the expedition to the South Side, which is proving to be quite astute considering access to the Tibetan side of the mountain is in jeopardy once again this year.

In the interview, Russell talks about his thoughts on climbing on the South Side, after dominating the North for a decade. He touches on the differences in logistics, and what it will be like to be climbing with Tigress Productions once again, who will be filming the expedition for Discovery.

All in all, a good interview from the man, and I commend Alan for being able to get Russell to comment. Brice is a man of few words, who doesn’t really look for the spotlight, so it’s quite rare to hear directly from him like this. Great work Alan, and welcome to the South Side Russell.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Everest 2009: Alan Arnette Interviews Russell Brice”

  1. As always Junkie, a great blog. I have Everest in my sights but there are a few other summits I need to knock off* first. At least six more 🙂
    I’m still unsure as to who I’ll choose to get me up (and down) the hill, but Russell Brice is near the top of the list.
    *It was the great man Sir Edmund Hillary who said, after summiting Everest, “we knocked the bast**d off”

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