Ten Unknown Treks

Backpacker.com has put together an excellent list of ten undiscovered treks, scouring the globe to find the best long distance hiking trails that have yet to come up on the radar for most backpackers.

The list has a little something for everyone, and offers great suggestions on five continents, including several in Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and Africa. Some of the great trails making the list include the Pyrenees Traverse in France, which offers great backcountry hiking all day with comfortable and quaint inns to stay in each night. Heading to Nepal you’ll find the Rolwaling to Khumbu circuit, a 20-day hike that offers a fraction of the hikers in the Khumbu Valley, while still staying the shadow of Everest itself, and travel to Ethiopia to trek the Simien Mountains, which offer an 8 day, 86-mile route that blends culture, wildlife and amazing scenery in one.

The article says that you should get to these treks before everyone else does. They’re still off the beaten path (pun fully intended!) for the vast majority and as such, you’ll likely have the trail to yourself, at least for now. That’ll probably change now that Backpacker has tipped us all off, but regardless, these each look like amazing treks.

My friend Colm, who I did Kilimanjaro with a few years back, did the Simien trek i Ethiopia last year, and had nothing but great things to say about the experience. From the sounds of things, it lives up to Backpacker’s description and then some. While Kili has become all the rage, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco continue to draw hikers, the Simians remain a bit of a mystery, still untamed and wild. Go quickly!

Kraig Becker

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  1. I’ve done the Overland in Tasmania (Australia) twice. Took slightly different paths the seconds time. It’s a wonderful place. But be careful that is a dangerous place. And “easy” walk in Tasmania’s grade is Medium on the continent and overseas. Being prepared is the key, weather can change in minutes. Wind can come from 3 directions on the small island, 2 of them from Antartica!

    In NZ, the tongariro crossing is THE most famous 1 day tramp (hike in kiwi language) and the Tongariro tour is excellent as well, but multiple day. The main volcano you can climb is Mount Doom of the Lord of the Rings.

    Some photos on my website.

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