Virgin Global Row Update: Rowing and Reading

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Reading the latest updates from Olly Hicks on the Virgin Global Row website leads me to believe that the British adventurer has finally found his rhythm and gotten into a routine. He continues to make good progress, after struggling early on, and his tracking system shows that he is generally moving in a south easterly direction these days, far better than the backwards drift he was experiencing just days after he launched.

For those that haven’t been following Olly, he is attempting to become the first person to circumnavigate Antarctica in a row boat. He plans to be at sea for approximately 18-22 months, with a couple of resupply stop overs mixed in as well. The planned route has him dropping south below the 50th degree, before proceeding east, crossing the South Pacific Ocean, round Cape Horn and through the Drake Passage, before heading towards South Georgia. If all goes according to plan, Olly will arrive there in June of this year, where he will take on supplies and wait out the winter before heading out once again.

In his latest blog posts, Olly talks about his long days behind the oars, some better than others. He mentions that he has seen only one ship so far on his journey, which is not unusual that far south, and he seems to be passing the time by reading a lot. I’m not sure how many books he brought along with him, but he’s knocking them off at an alarming rate. In today’s dispatch he notes that he completed three books today alone, and since I’m pretty sure Amazon doesn’t have express delivery to the Southern Ocean, he might want to pace himself some.

It’s good to see that Olly has fallen into a bit of a routine and is continuing to making progress. He’ll need to stay focused and upbeat, as he’s obviously got months of paddling ahead of him before a real break, but for now he seems content to go about his daily work and pass the hours while not rowing in any way that he can.

Kraig Becker

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