Outdoorzy is going Adventure Racing!

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Perhaps it’s because of all the great online coverage of Primal Quest, but Wade, one of the founders of Outdoorzy.com, has been inspired to take part in the Oyster Urban Adventure Race in Nashville, TN this October, and he’s sharing his thoughts on preparing for just such a race.

In an article on the Outdoorzy Outpost Blog, there is a nice article that gives some good details on how to prepare for your first adventure race. As the article points out, it’s all about the multi-sport and finding ways to train in the core disciplines of running, mountain biking, and paddling, while also mixing in some orienteering and climbing skills as well. There is even a handy chart to help you schedule your time on each of the different activities, which ramps up in time and difficulty the closer you get to the actual race.

The popularity of adventure racing is certainly on the rise, and there are plenty of great events taking place all over. Beginners should start with a shorter, “sprint” race, in the 4-6 hour category and advance to longer races from there. If you have your eyes set on something like Primal Quest, a ten-day long monster, you’d probably want to have a few 24-48 hour races under your belt first. Experience will serve you well out on the course, but it can also be a very humbling sport too.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Kraig! We're super pumped about the race. We'll be sponsored by Merrell and our team name will be the Feral Merrell Squirrels. 🙂

    Watch out for us in the world of adventure racing. We're the guys who will finish somewhere in the middle, but will be drinking a beer as we cross the finish line. Gotta set your priorities… 🙂

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