The Rest of Everest Episode 122: Nice Lens, Baby

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Speaking of Everest Base Camp Treks, lets not forget about The Rest of Everest, which returns with another great episode this week, giving us a full motion view of what the Khumbu Valley trek is really like. Just as Rick from Best Hike moves into Namche, the Rest of Everest crew is getting ready to head out.

Episode 122 is entitled “Nice Lens, Baby”, reminding us that this isn’t just a long hike up to EBC, but is also a photography and vidoegraphy workshop as well. Co-host of the Trek Chris Marquardt broke out an intriguing looking Lens Baby, which it appears that the members of the team were having a blast with. I’d never seen a lens like that before, and I’m definitely interested in learning more. The results from the photographs and video were very cool.

From a trekking standpoint, the group leaves Namche, following their acclimatization day there, and begins the hike to Tengboche. Everyone took advantage of their rest day, and were really strong on the trail that day, as they moved through more mountain villages and interacted with the locals, including some very cute kids.

As has become a recurring theme with this season of ROE, we get tons of video from the trail that include some great shots of the mountains that loom over the trekkers as they make their way through the Khumbu. As I’ve said in the past, this is invaluable footage for anyone thinking of making the trek themselves, as it gives you a great idea of what that adventure is like. The commentary that is included with each episode, in which show producer Jon Miller is joined by a number of the trekkers, is also very interesting, with those that made the trip with Jon and Chris, have some great insights to share as well.

Good stuff as always.

Kraig Becker

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