Video of The Known Universe

Want to feel incredibly small and insignificant? Then check out the video below which was made for the Hayden Planetarium in New York City that puts into scale just how large the Universe is. The video begins in the Himalaya and slowly begins to pan out, past the moon, the solar system, and so on. It’s pretty amazing, and really, really humbling.



Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Video of The Known Universe”

  1. Another beautiful post for us all to enjoy! There is indeed magic in such perspectives… Seeing more then what is just before us…
    Thanks Kraig for a wonderful year of Adventure Posts on your amazing blog!

  2. Thank YOU DSD! You bring a wonderful sense of thoughtfulness and adventure in everything you do and I appreciate your efforts on all fronts. 🙂

    Here's to a great 2010 for all of us!

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