New Expedition Length Adventure Race Announced For 2010

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With the new year barely two weeks old, a new, expedition length adventure race has been announced. The event is called the Desert Winds Expedition Race and is scheduled to take place September 18th – 25th in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas.

This new race is being organized by the same team that has put on the Desert Winds Adventure Series of races over the past couple of year. It is expected to last roughly 3-5 days, with coed teams of four taking on the hot desert conditions while trekking, mountain biking, paddling, making canyon descents, and navigating their way to the finish line. Race management says to expect some surprises along the way too.

Event organizers are making it easy for teams to join in the fun, overing a graduated pricing structure that lowers the cost of entry based on the number of teams who sign up. They’re also offering a $250/person discount for qualifying international teams as well, and they say they expect a minimum of 40 teams to compete.

Thanks to Adventure World Magazine for the tip!

In the absence of Primal Quest this year, this might be a great alternative for teams looking to have a longer race experience in the desert. The adventure race calendar begins to fill up quickly this time of year, and this looks to be a fun, interesting, addition to the schedule. I hope the race goes well.

Kraig Becker

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