Vancouver To Hawaii By High Tech Peddle Boat

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It has been nearly two years since I wrote this story about Greg Kolodziejzyk, an adventurer who was, as the time, planning on crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a high tech boat that is propelled by peddling. Now, Greg is back, with a new goal and a newly designed website, to begin the countdown to his next adventure.

According to, Greg will now attempt to travel from Vancouver, Canada to Hawaii, a distance of nearly 3000 miles, under his own power. He expects the voyage to take somewhere between 40 and 80 days, beginning in June of this year. He’ll be passing through a treacherous stretch of open water known as the Graveyard of the Pacific which is renown for its wild seas, unpredictable storms, and dangerous waves. If successful, Kolodziejzyk will become the first person to make that journey under his own power, which he’ll be doing in his specially designed and built WITHiN boat.

Like many adventurers these days, Greg is undertaking this endeavor for a cause. He’s working to combat child obesity by raising funds for Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids, an organization that is working to provide bicycles for second and third graders free of charge.

The Peddle The Ocean expedition looks like another great adventure set up for later in the year. 2010 looks like it’s going to be a good one already. Good luck to Greg on this adventure. We’ll be following!

Kraig Becker

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