Portage to Portage: Jake Has Crossed The Gulf and Rounded Florida

It has been a more than a month since we checked in with Jake Stachovak and his Portage to Portage Expedition. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll probably remember that Jake is making a journey around the entire Eastern United States, completely by Kayak, beginning and ending in Portage, Wisconsin. He had already paddled down the length of the Mississippi River, and when we last checked in, he was heading out onto the Gulf of Mexico.

It took Jake 37 days to paddle the length of the Gulf Coast, including 30 days in the cockpit and seven days off for bad weather. Now he has turned his kayak north and is beginning to paddle up the Eastern Shore Board. According to his blog, he is currently in the Miami area, where he’s been enjoying some rest and relaxation, while he gears up for the next leg of the journey. He’s also headed over to the Sweetwater Kayaks Symposium being held in St. Petersburg this weekend, which gives him a good excuse to stay on dry land for a bit longer.

The rest of the journey will see him paddling up the East Coast of the U.S. to New York City, where he’ll navigate through canals into Lake Ontario. From there, he’ll paddle across the Great Lakes, to the Fox river, which will allow him to paddle upstream, back to Wisconsin, where he started the entire journey from.

Below, is a video of Jake as he officially leaves the Gulf of Mexico behind, paddling under the Highway 1 bridge in Florida, and entering into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. He pauses long enough to share some thoughts on the journey thus far, but the hilarious captions that his home team put into the video before posting are what really makes it all work. Good stuff and a very cool adventure.

Kraig Becker

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