Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Coming March 12-14

The 2010 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, affectionally known as ShAFF, will once again take place in Sheffield in the U.K. this March. The annual festival, now in it’s fifth year, will run from March 12-14, with a host of events and activities scheduled for the entire weekend.

In addition to screening 44 of the best adventure films from around the world, there will also be a photo exhibition, and a used gear sale. Climber and author Ron Fawcett will be on hand to read from his latest book, and will be signing afterwards, and it all wraps up with the “Best of ShAFF” awards at the end of the weekend.

For information on how to get tickets for the event click here. Then check out the ShAFF trailer below to get a preview of what you can expect. The trailer has a little of everything from insane mountain biking, crazy kayaking, and some amazing climbing shots. There’s even a guy in a wingsuit! What mor could you ask for?

2010 ShAFF Trailer from Matt Heason on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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