Jon Bowermaster Celebrates 30 Days of OCEANS

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It’s no secret that Jon Bowermaster loves oceans. He’s pretty much explored everyone of them in some fashion, and more often then not, it has been in the seat of a kayak no less. He has also taken ever opportunity possible to spread the word about the importance of the Earth’s oceans for our environment, and the effects that global climate change are having on the health of these incredibly important bodies of water.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that he has kicked off a special series entitled 30 Days of OCEANS on his website to create awareness of the threats to our seas and as part of a celebration of Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, an event that is now in its 40th year, and that Jon admits to lobbying to be renamed Oceans Day for 2010.

The 30 Days of OCEANS event centers around excerpts from a new book that Jon has served as the editor on. The book is entitled OCEANS, Threats to the Sea and What You Can Do To Turn the Tide, and consists of essays from 30 of the top experts on oceans. People who are out in the field studying the changes that are having a profound effect on those waters, and as a result, the rest of our planet as well. Some of the contributors include David de Rothschild, Roz Savage, Carl Safina, and many more.

Over the next few weeks, Jon will be posting excerpts from the book on his website, running up to, and through Earth Day. The first of those excerpts is already online, and is written by ocean exploration legend Sylvia Earle, a woman with more than 70 years of experience studying our oceans. You can read that excerpt by clicking here.

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