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Spring may still mean backcountry skiing for some, but for most of us it means it’s time to get out our bikes and go for a ride. It is with that spirit in mind that Outside Magazine has published their Cycling Issue with all kinds of treats for those of us who have recently returned to the saddle.

Outside starts things off with a list of the top road bikes bikes for 2010, giving us a rundown of the most drool-worthy new machines to peddle this year. There are offerings from the usual suspects, including Trek, Specialized, Raleigh and more. These bikes are technological wonders, from the frames, gear systems, and breaks, down to the very design, and not only are they fun to ride, they look great too.

Next up, Outside has an article on preparing for a 24-hour race, one of the most demanding competitions in cycling. The story gives advice on training, nutrition, gear, and even the course for the upcoming 24-hours of Moab, one of the better known and most competitive of the 24-hour races. The Moab course is legendary for its challenges, but this article can help get you ready for the event, which takes place in October. Plenty of time to get ready!

To further help you prepare for a cycling race, or to just get back into shape for riding, there are a series of videos to help strength your core for both road and mountain biking. These exercises will no doubt prove useful in other outdoor activities as well, such as kayaking, hiking, and running, and they can form a good nucleus to help augment your existing workout.

Finally, Outside tops off the Cycling Issue with a cool photographic history of bikes. It is interesting to see how the machines that we peddle have evolved over the years, turning into the high tech wonders that we ride today.

After reading through all of this, I’m ready to head home and put on my biking shorts and helmet, pump up the tires in my Specialized, and hit the road for a nice long evening ride. Seems like a perfect way to end the week. Who wants to join me?

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “<i>Outside</i> Magazine’s Cycling Issue”

  1. Always hard to get back in the saddle, but so worth it. I love the feel o f the open road when on my road bike, and the trail when on my mountain bike. Enjoy the ride!

  2. We've got such a different season than the rest of the country; it's getting to the point where we have to do our rides at the butt-crack-o-dawn to avoid the hell-oven-Africa heat! That, or head to Flagstaff for some nice mountain air!


  3. I feel your pain Bruce. I'm in Austin, TX and soon we'll turn up the heat even further, and the only question about the weather will be whether or not it'll hit trible digits that day. Most days it does.

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