Around The Americas Update: Nearly Home!

I haven’t really mentioned much about the Around the Americas expedition since they made their way through the perilous waters off of Cape Horn. That was back in January, and since that time, they’ve had plenty of adventures, as they’ve sailed up the west coasts of both North and South America, making their way back to where they started, Seattle, Washington. Now, they’re within a few days of completing their epic journey, and finishing a sailing adventure that had never been done before.

For those who aren’t familiar with the expedition, the crew of the Ocean Watch set sail from Seattle last May with the idea of circumnavigating the continents of both North and South America. Until recent years, the journey wasn’t even possible, but thanks to global climate change, the Northwest Passage has been navigable for the past few years. Upon beginning their voyage, the ship sailed north, to Alaska, and began what was perhaps the most treacherous portion of the trip through the ice waters of the Arctic Ocean. Once they cleared that section, they turned south, down the coast of North and South America, around the Horn, and then back North, where they are now, more than a year after starting, and closing in on their destination.

Of course, the journey wasn’t just about the adventure itself. Along the way, the crew was joined by a variety of guests, and throughout the journey, a number of scientific experiments were made, and sample were taken, to record the impact of global climate change on the oceans and seas through which they passed. When they get back home, the crew of the Ocean Watch, will deliver some very important data that could offer some great insights into the health of our oceans.

I’ll post an update again when they’ve reached Seattle. It’s been a long journey, and you can read about their experiences in their blog, which they’ve been keeping since the beginning, and has lots of great information and stores to tell. Read it by clicking here.

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