Climbing and Skiing 2 million vertical feet in 2010


I mentioned Greg Hill once before, way back in in February when he was a recipient of a Polartec Challenge Grant. Greg is in the midst of a very busy year, as he has set a goal for himself to climb and ski 2 million vertical feet this year, and he has been tackling all kinds of peaks in the process. He has also been filming much of his adventure, and he even managed to slow down long enough to conduct an interview with ESPN.

Greg’s website says he currently stands at 916,448 feet as we sit at the mid-point of the year, so obviously he has some work ahead of him yet this year. But in the ESPN article it says that he plans to be on the snow for more than 270 days this year, so he still has plenty of opportunities. The article also points out that he once skied 51,100 vertical feet in a single day, so given the right conditions, he can obviously take off large chunks at any given time.

Check out Greg on several of his mountains in the video below. Then stop and think about how much 2 million vertical feet really is. That’s a lot of altitude.

Kraig Becker

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