Ride the Rockies Cycling Event Underway!

The 25th annual Ride the Rockies cycling event got underway yesterday in Grand Junction, Colorado, and will continue over the course of this week, with more than 2000 riders covering 532 miles of road, passing some of the state’s most spectacular scenery as they go, including Colorado National Monument and the Grand Mesa.

The annual ride, which is sponsored by the Denver Post, has earned itself a reputation as a challenging, yet fun experience, for all involved. The route varies each year, and this one is considered one of the toughest yet, with a variety of climbs through mountain passes, and across rugged trails. On average, the riders will put in between 60 and 70 miles per day, and will eventually end in Salida at on Friday or Saturday of this week.

While the Ride the Rockies is no Tour Divide, it is still a difficult ride at altitude. Fortunately, prospective riders can find all kinds of good information to help them prepare for the event should they choose to join in on a future RTR. You’ll find tips on training, nutrition, safety, and more.

If you’d like to ride in the 2011 Ride the Rockies, be prepared to enter early. This year they had m ore than 4000 applications for just 2000 slots, which is a testament to how popular the event is. Looks like a really fun time. Might have to add it to my “must do” list. 🙂

Kraig Becker