Artifacts From Robert Falcon Scott Expedition To Be Auctioned

Christie’s Auction House has announced that it will put relics left over from the doomed Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic expedition on the block this week, with skis, photos, scientific equipment, and other items all up for bid.

According to this story, the artifacts actually belong to Canadian team member Charles Seymour Wright, who is the man who discovered Scott’s frozen remains in a tent after the explorer and his four companions perished on the return trip from the South Pole. Scott and his team were in a desperate race to be the first to reach that point, but were beaten by just a few weeks by Norwegian Roald Amundsen. Wright discovered the remains 8 months after the team disappeared.

The tragic story of Scott and his men is one of those epic tales of a long lost age of exploration. In 1910, he set out from England to attempt once again to become the first man to reach the South Pole. He arrived in January of 1912, but found the Norwegian flag of his rival waiting there.

Beaten and dejected, Scott and his men began the long, cold, and grueling trek back to the point of origin, but bad weather and deteriorating health slowed their progress, and eventually they ended up stranded in the tent, where Scott and two of his companions would die just 11 miles away from a food and fuel depot that would have almost assuredly saved their lives.

The relics up for auction belong to Wright’s grandson and are believed to be worth between $235,000 and $390,000.

Kraig Becker