More On The Great Bear Rainforest Expedition

Last week I posted a couple of stories about an expedition of photographers who were exploring Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest in an effort to capture the beauty of that place while studying the effects of a proposed oil pipeline through the region. The team returned with some stunning photos of wildlife that lives there and the environments which they inhabit, as well as a message of warning about the potentially devastating effects of development by oil companies.

Now, we have a YouTube video that captures even more of the photos, as well as some video footage, and the photographers themselves talking about the experience. The expedition was sponsored by the International League of Conservation Photographers, who are working hard to protect Great Bear Rainforest from possibly catastrophic disaster.

Thanks to Rick McCharles of BestHike for sharing this video about this important issue.

Kraig Becker

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  1. A very significant issue and wonderful images. Many times, what we see like this, and how it brings such a smile to our faces, is a clue to those things that need extra attention and protection…

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