Above The Arctic Circle: Crossing Lapland By Skis

280px Kebnekaise view from Tuolpagorni

French adventurer François Quiquet is preparing to make a short, but very challenging, expedition through the Lapland region of Sweden that will see him taking on the tallest mountain in the area, while covering more than 100km of backcountry, well above the Arctic Circle.

The expedition will be made in solo and unsupported fashion on cross country skis along the Kungsleden trail. The route will take him up and over Kebnekaise, the tallest peak in Sweden at 6925 feet. But it isn’t the altitude that is so impressive about this peak, it’s the fact that it falls 200km above the Arctic Circle, which means that it’ll be plenty cold there when François attempts his journey, which he’ll be doing by cross country skis while pulling his sledge behind him with all of his gear.

The expedition is expected to take roughly five days to complete, but will serve as test run for bigger things to come. While challenging the remote and frigid northern wildernesses of Sweden, François will also be preparing for future polar journeys to Spitzberg, Baffin, Island or Greenland. The Frenchman says that he looks forward to traveling alone and in a self-supported fashion above the Arctic Circle, which will allow him to test his gear and resolve for those longer expeditions ahead. The region is nearly uninhabited which has made it a popular location for a wide variety of wildlife.

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