Himalaya Fall 2010: Eric Larsen In Camp 4, Summit Bid To Come!

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We’ve got a very brief update this morning on Eric Larsen’s progress on Everest. In fact, as of this writing, he hasn’t even posted an update to his blog just yet. Instead, he’s sent out a Tweet using his DeLorme Earthmate that simply says:  “At a windy C4 – south col w/clouds coming”

Those few words do tell us a lot however, as we now know that Eric, along with his Sherpa guide Chhering, are now at Camp 4 on Everest, and will be attempting the summit later today. They’ll likely rest now until 8 or 9 PM local time, and then begin their final ascent.

Unfortunately, the tweet also tells us that the winds haven’t died down just yet, and the two men may still face rough weather on the way to the summit. Perhaps the clouds moving in will signal a shift in conditions however, giving them just the window that they’ve need to top out. The forecasts have been saying that such a window would open at the end of the week, but that it would be a narrow one.

If successful, not only will Eric have reached the “Three Poles” in a single calendar year, something I’ve written about a lot since the expedition was announced, he’ll also have made a very bold climb on Everest. Aside from his guides, Eric is alone on the mountain, and as the Fall Himalayan season winds down, he’s practically alone in the range. There are a few other teams still out there, but not many.

Keep any eye out for summit news tomorrow. With any luck, he’ll have a great opportunity to complete his journey.

Kraig Becker

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  1. We are thinking of him lots!
    What great adventure objectives, and to almost have that mountain to himself…

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