Nat Geo Channel’s Expedition Week Begins Sunday

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Expedition Week returns to the National Geographic Channel starting this weekend, with a fantastic line-up of shows, including two new premiere’s each night. The fun begins on Sunday, April 3rd, with the debut of Eating with Cannibals and Finding Jack The Ripper, which promises to present new clues as to the identity of that infamous killer.

Things are just getting started from there though, as some of the most interesting programming is scheduled for later in the week. For instance, I’m excited about the Hunt for the Abominable Snowman show that will air on Monday, as well as Egypt’s Lost Rival on Tuesday and Lost Land of the Tiger on Friday. This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as there is plenty of other great television to be enjoyed, with a host of adventurous topics on tap. For a complete list of shows visit the Expedition Week website.

That’s not all though. The Expedition Granted contest is still in full swing, the winner of which will receive $10,000 in funding for the expedition of their choice. The two contestants are Dash Masland, who hopes to travel to Hawaii to conduct research on endangered seals, and Trevor Frost, who will travel to Indonesia to help park rangers combat illegal poaching. When we checked in on them a few weeks back, Trevor held a slight edge, but now the fortunes have shifted in Dash’s favor. Help decide which of these deserving explorers gets the funds by voting here.

Expedition Week will run from April 3 – April 9, only on the Nat Geo Channel. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Kraig Becker

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