Outside’s Top 10 (+2) Mountain Bike Videos

Outside Online has posted ten great mountain biking videos (plus two bonus clips) in a couple of posts to their blog. The clips include all kinds of different rides with action galore of course, including everything from big jumps, fast downhill, and craze wipeouts. Some of the videos have been seen on this blog before, but they’re also worth a second look. Especially on a Friday!

You’ll find the first five clips, plus bonus video, in Part 1 of the blog post, and the second group of five, plus one more bonus clip, in Part 2. While I’m not nearly in the same league as most of the riders in these clips, they sure do make me want to blow off the rest of the day, and go hop on my bike for a ride. Who’s with me?

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “<i>Outside’s</i> Top 10 (+2) Mountain Bike Videos”

  1. "Who's with me?"

    Definitely not me.

    That was an inane list; embarrassing in it's pandering to young male fantasies, incorrect in it's portrayal of the sport.

    My second mt bike was handmade by Tom Ritchie; I've had a great time riding ever since, while never having the slightest inclination to do anything portrayed in any of those teenager videos. This is probably true of 95% of the people who ride.

    So while hucking big air is great, and a few people actually do it, to have an entire "best" list composed of adreneline-based activity is a warped perspective.

  2. I won't disagree with you that the list is an over-the-top example of the sport, it still offered plenty of fun videos to watch as well. And while I certainly don't do much of anything portrayed in those videos, it can still inspire me to go out for a ride.

    You're right, 95% of us will probably never do some of the stunts that take place in those videos, but then again, 99% will never play in the NBA or NFL, that doesn't stop us from picking up a ball and tossing it around every now and again.

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