Friday Inspiration: Ueli Steck Climbing The Eiger.

Looking for a little inspiration for your weekend adventures? Then look no further than the video below which shows Ueli Steck climbing the Eiger when he set a new speed record on that iconic mountain back in 2008. The video is from the film Swiss Machine, that was part of the Reel Rock Tour in 2010 and it is a fine example of what an amazing climber Ueli is.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration: Ueli Steck Climbing The Eiger.”

  1. A second time today Kraig, that you have passed forward some amazing inspiration… What a wonderful video, of a human being who has showed us what can be possible, in such a natural unassuming way of being out there solo with a mountain… I may not be able to climb like that, but that is why I climb…
    Thanks again Kraig,

  2. No one else climbs like that. That is part of what makes Ueli who he is, but we definitely can still be inspired by his spirit.

    I had the opportunity to meet him at Outdoor Retailer a few weeks back. He is as unassuming and humble as he appears in these videos and interviews.

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