Video: Skiing The Chuting Gallery

Back in 1999, climber/skier Noah Howell picked up a book called The Chuting Gallery by Andrew Mclean. That book contained lots of details and tips for skiing in the Wasatch backcountry, including how to tackle some very steep lines on the mountains there. Intrigued by what he read, Noah set out to explore some of those backcountry runs, and as the years passed, he found that he enjoyed them more and more. Eventually he decided he wanted to complete all of the 90 lines that were listed in the book, and recently he finished the last one on his list.

The video below was taken during that last ski expedition, and as you will see, it is a pretty wild place to go skiing. Images from some of the other runs also give a bit of an indication of what it is like in the Wasatch region, often requiring Noah and his friends to make rather technical climbs just to start their ski descent.

Best line of the video: “If you’ve got skies on, it’s skiing.”

Kraig Becker

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  1. Most impressive to me were the short traverses across crazy-steep inclines. Dizzying heights, even via YouTube.

    I'm amazed at Howell's technical prowess, given that he's done 90lines this intense!

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