Ocean Rowing: Roz Cancels Retirement To Row The Atlantic


I meant to post this news earlier in the week, but other things kept getting in the way. Better late than never however.

Over the past few years we’ve followed Roz Savage as she systematically crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans solo and completely under her own power. When she wrapped up that Indian Ocean crossing last October, she also announced that she was hanging up her oars for good. Late last week we found out that retirement isn’t exactly in the cards just yet. Last Friday Roz posted a story to her website announcing her intentions of rowing the Atlantic Ocean, although this time she won’t be going it alone.

Rower Andrew Morris had already been planning a crossing of his own that he had dubbed the Olympic Atlantic Row (OAR) as he, along with fellow rower Mick Dawson, had hoped to paddle across the North Atlantic and arrive in the U.K. in time for the start of the Olympic games in July. Mick had a conflict of schedules however and was forced to pull out of the project. Who better to take his place than Roz?

So, the plan now is to begin the ocean crossing May. The journey will cover 2587 miles (4163 km) and take roughly 60 days to complete. Crossing at that time of year won’t be an easy one, as cold weather, heavy fogs, icebergs, and other dangers will conspire to provide plenty of challenge. But we know that Andrew and Roz are up to the task and it should be another good adventure to follow this spring when they set out from St. Johns in Newfoundland, Canada and begin their journey east.

Good luck Andrew and Roz!

Kraig Becker

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