Kilian Jornet’s Climbing Partner Killed On Mont Blanc

Another tragic climbing accident occurred this past weekend in France, where Kilian Jornet was attempting to cross the entire Mont Blanc Massif in just two days with partner Stéphane Brosse(Climbing Partner Killed). The two had already covered a great deal of ground and were on Aiguille d’Argentière when a snow cornice broke, sending Stéphane falling 600 meters (1968 ft) to his death while his friend and a film crew looked on.

The expedition was part of Kilian’s Summits of My Life project, which I told you about just a few weeks back. That ambitious four-year adventure is meant to put Kilian, who is one of the top endurance athletes and climbers in the world, on some of the most iconic peaks on the planet. Mont Blanc plays a pivotal role in those plans.

According to the story from, Stéphane was just 41 years old and is survived by his wife and two young children. The couple were expecting their third child soon as well.

Once again, my sincere condolences to friends and family in this very sad time.

Thanks to Louis-Philippe Loncke for sharing the sad news.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Kilian Jornet’s Climbing Partner Killed On Mont Blanc”

  1. Stéphane was one of the best champions in ski-alpinism (cf wikipedia), and won several times the most demanding competitions, he was also a recognized alpinist and steep-skier, but above all he was appreciated by the whole mountain community for his human qualities, alway humble and sharing his passion with anybody..
    We will regret him..

  2. Really sad; especially poignant as I've just been climbing in the Mont Blanc Massif for the last 9 days. A couple of other climbers died a few days ago too; the warm conditions have put a lot of routes out of condition.

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