Adventure Travel: Visit Botswana And Learn Bush Skills!

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I wrote about this great adventure travel opportunity on this morning but thought it would of interest to many readers here as well. Sanctuary Retreats, a company that runs luxury lodges and safari camps in a variety of locations, has a short two-day itinerary in Botswana that looks like it would be incredibly fun to take part in. Their Delta Bush Skills Adventure takes travelers to the Okavango Delta where they’ll learn some helpful skills that could help them survive in the wilds of Africa.

Participants in the program stay at the amazing looking Baines’ Camp where they’ll spend a couple of days surrounded by the amazing setting that is the Okavango. Each year the delta floods the plains in Botswana, creating a massive oasis that allows a spectacular array of plant and animal life to thrive. Elephants, hippos, lions and dozens more species make their home in the region which is amongst the best safari destinations on the planet.

Visitors taking part in the Delta Bush Skills Adventure will likely encounter those animals but they’ll also be busy learning some valuable skills as well. On the first day of the itinerary they’ll learn how to pole a mokoro – the traditional dugout canoes that the local people use for transportation along the Okavango. They’ll also learn how to track animals, identify edible plants and find potable water while in the bush. The education will continue on day two with lessons on how to build a shelter, trap food and navigate simply by using the sun and stars.

Now by no means do I think that this Bush Skills training will prepare someone to survive in the wild, but it certainly would be a great deal of fun to take part in. If I were headed to Botswana for a safari, I’d definitely consider tacking on a few extra days to visit the Baines’ Camp for what looks like a great extension. Considering the Okavango remains on my list of “must see” places, this seems like an excellent way to visit.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Baines, and Stanley's sister camp, also offer an elephant interaction which is also a great experience.You get to walk through the wild with three elephants Jabu,Tembi and Marula and learn much about them from their handler Doug,who with his wife basically raised them.

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