CheapTents Interviews Adventurer Tim Moss

tim moss wahiba desert oman

The crack team of bloggers over at CheapTents has turned out yet another good interview to round out the week. This time they’ve turned their attention on professional adventurer and expedition manager Tim Moss, whose book How to get to The North Pole… and Other Iconic Adventures I reviewed awhile back.

Amongst his numerous adventures, Tim has hiked across Patagonia, swam the length of the River Thames and made first ascents in the Altai Mountains of Russia. He has also circumnavigated the globe in 80 days using 80 different forms of transportation, trekked the Wahiba Desert in Oman and climbed in the Bolivian Andes. Oh yeah! He’s also been the logistics manager on more than 100 other expeditions as well.

In the CheapTents interview, Tim talks about his inspirations for pursuing adventure and which of his many exploits has had the greatest impact on his life. He also talks about the toughest decision he’s ever had to make on an expedition, which destination has left the best impression on him and how he finds ways to add adventure into his daily life. Moss even provides some advice to would-be adventurers who are thinking about their own expeditions. His best advice? Simply just get started.

As for his favorite pieces of gear, which is always one of CheapTents most intriguing questions. Tim says he loves his Helly Hansen base layers that he has owned for more then ten years. He says he’s used them on numerous adventures and they have always performed brilliantly. By coincidence, I happen to own a pair of base layers from HH as well. Haven’t had them quite as long as Tim, mine are probably more like six years old, but they are fantastic and have gone with me to many places too.

Enjoy this interview as we head into a weekend. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to have an adventure of your own.

Kraig Becker